Tyler's Place Macon Dog Park

Camp Sitstay has had many inquiries about a local dog park over the past few years. Until recently we didn't know one existed. It has come to our attention that several customers regularly untilize Tyler's Place dog park in Macon, Georgia. We have never visited the dog park but everyone we have met says very positive things about it. I have asked for some input from a few of them to post on our website. This is an effort to help other people find out more about the dog park so that many more people and their furry family members can enjoy the greenspace and a peaceful place to play. We'll also post pictures of our friends that we know utilize the dog park. Take a look below. Follow the link above or below to read more and get directions.

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Cari Henderson Wrote:

Camp SitStay:

I just wanted to let you all know about the Dog Park in Macon. It really has been a great thing for my dogs, especially since I donít have a fenced in backyard. The Dog Park in Macon is really a great place for dogs to run and be free of their leashes. My two small dogs love it! Its been a great way to socialize them without worrying about keeping a constant eye on them or keeping them on their leashes. The park itself is also a great way for dog owners to meet other dog owners in the area. For dogs that are not as socialized as others, there is a smaller part of the park where those dogs can go and run without a leash, but be separated from other playing dogs. The park has a pavilion that is covered for people to sit in during the heat of the summer and some benches under a tree. It also has a water fountain for people and dogs. There is also a stream that runs the length of the park, which is great for dogs that like to get wet or for dogs that get too hot during the summer months. The park is located at the corner of Chestnut Street and Adams Street in downtown Macon. For anyone who needs to let their dog run and play without a leash or for those who would like to socialize their dog, this park is really an absolute must. I would suggest to any dog owner that they should bring their dog to the park.

Thanks again Camp SitStay for the wonderful care of all the dogs!

Cari Henderson

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