Why We Think We Are Better


· Largest runs in Middle Ga. NO CRATES

We like for your pets to have a lot of room. Most people donít keep their pets in a crate at home, so why should they be limited to a small crate even for a short stay.

· Turnout time

We have 9 fenced turnout areas that allow us to give your pet many opportunities to enjoy outdoor time. Considering the fact that we have the largest runs available in middle Georgia along with extended turnouts, your pet wonít feel captive. Because of the number of turnout areas, we can allow your dog to be out more than any other facility. We do not turn dogs out together unless requested by both owners, however our play areas allow for safe socialization separated by fencing. We offer wading pools and toys for playtime.

· Several Styles Of Boarding Areas

All pets are kept in runs (even cats). We offer climate-controlled runs that are set up to be a more "home type" atmosphere. In addition to the climate-controlled area, we also have a large kennel that is designed for the pet that likes even more space. This facility is enclosed on three sides and roofed. Your pet can enjoy the view of the nearby woods and see birds, squirrels and each other. The main kennel is usually comfortable for most pets at least 9 months of the year. Temperatures in the summer months are kept reasonable with the use of ceiling fans and a sprinkler system on the roof that significantly reduces hot temperatures. Dog houses are available in each run. Runs are disinfected at least daily and fresh drinking water available at all times. Sizes available include: 4x8 ft., 5x8 ft., 5x12 ft., 10x12 ft., 5x20 ft., and 10x20 ft. Think about this: the 10x20 is bigger than most bedrooms and the 10x12 is about the size of a normal bedroom.

· Located on our home property

We live right here where your dog is being boarded. We feel this is one of the most important benefits of boarding your dog with us. This does not mean that we are here 24/7, but we are here more than others. As a rule, someone is here 99% of the time. I do have two children that require me to be away for activities, however you can be assured that your pet will be taken care of at all times.

· My Background

My experience with animals goes back a long way. I was a veterinary technician and hospital manager for about 14 years. I feel that this is very important since it has given me much knowledge that could be beneficial in the care of your pets. I am familiar with special care required of older dogs, puppies and certain breeds of dogs. I realize the importance of prescription medications and special diets and am comfortable administering this as required.

In the past, I have raised, trained and shown dogs for many years. However, I now focus on the care of your pets. I really enjoy my job and am proud to have developed it into a successful business. I am constantly amazed at the distances people travel to board here because of the facility setup and care.

· Invitation

We believe that our facility is designed to be pet friendly and it allows us to provide excellent care and security for your pet. Many of our campers canít wait to return.

We invite you to visit Camp Sit Stay and see for yourself. You are welcome to bring your pets along. We accept visitors by appointment due to daily routines of turnout, feeding, general maintenance, etc. This allows us to be able to access all areas of the facility, which are often inhabited by pets. Our turnouts are ALL connected directly to your petís boarding area, so to be able to view all areas, it is best to have everyone in their run.

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